Hi, I am Sebastian Tschiatschek and currently assistant professor (tenure-track) of machine learning at the University of Vienna. Before that I was a senior researcher in the Machine Learning and Perception Group (now All Data AI) at Microsoft Research Cambridge. Before joining Microsoft I was a postdoc in the Learning and Adaptive Systems Group at ETH Zurich led by Prof. Andreas Krause. Before joining ETH, I received a PhD from Graz University of Technology under supervision of Prof. Franz Pernkopf at the Signal and Speech Processing Laboratory.

My research interests include probabilistic models (with a focus on set-valued inputs and outputs) and exploration and imitiaton in reinforcement learning.

I am looking for two PhD students: one doing research on topics in reinforcement learning and another one doing research on topics related to interpretable and explainable machine learning in the context of democracy and decision making. If you are interested, please contact me directly. Information on the first position is available here, information on the latter position is available here.


Paper Accepted at IJCAI'21

Posted: April 2021

One paper was accepted at IJCAI:

  • Lukas Miklautz, Lena Greta-Marie Bauer, Dominik Mautz, Sebastian Tschiatschek, Christian Böhm, Claudia Plant, “Details (Don’t) Matter: Isolating Cluster Information in Deep Embedded Spaces”

    Congrats Lukas and Lena!

Tutorial at IJCAI

Posted: April 2021

Adish Singla and I will give a tutorial on Recent Advances in Reinforcement Learning for Human-AI Collaboration at this year’s IJCAI. Details will follow.

Workshop proposal accepted at ICML

Posted: April 2021

Our workshop on Human-AI Collaboration in Sequential Decision-Making was accepted at this year’s ICML. Please consider the call for papers.

Papers Accepted at AAAI and EAAI

Posted: January 2021

One paper was accepted at AAAI and one at EAAI:

  • Zichao Wang, Sebastian Tschiatschek, Simon Woodhead, Jose Miguel Hernandez Lobato, Simon Peyton Jones, Richard Baraniuk, Cheng Zhang, “Educational Question Mining At Scale: Prediction, Analysis and Personalization”
  • Haiyan Yin, Jianda Chen, Sinno Pan, Sebastian Tschiatschek, “Sequential Generative Exploration Model for Partially Observable Reinforcement Learning”

Paper Accepted at NeurIPS

Posted: October 2020

One paper accepted at this year’s NeurIPS:

Lecture/Tutorial on Machine Learning

Posted: September 2020

New Preprints on Arxiv

Posted: June 2020

Two new preprints are available on arxiv:

Visual agents for augmenting people’s own capabilities

Posted: March 2020

Here’s an interesting article on a project I was involved in while being at Microsoft Research Cambridge: Link

New Affiliation

Posted: January 2020

I have joined the University of Vienna as assistant professor (tenure-track) of machine learning.

AAMAS 2020

Posted: January 2020

Our paper was accepted at AAMAS 2020:

ICLR 2020

Posted: December 2019

The following paper was accepted at ICLR 2020:

NeurIPS 2019

Posted: September 2019

We have four papers accepted at NeurIPS 2019!

Please check for updates of the papers from time to time as these are not yet the final versions.

ICML 2019

Posted: June 2019

We have one paper at the main conference and one paper in the Real-world Sequential Decision Making: Reinforcement Learning and Beyond workshop:

NeurIPS 2018

Posted: December 2018

We have one paper at the main conference and one paper in the deep reinforcement learning workshop: